Três pessoas foram assassinadas numa editora de Biblias, em Malatya, na Turquia, no dia 18 de Abril de 2007, num ataque de cariz religioso que voltou a acender a discussão sobre o regime turco.

Vale a pena ler esta notícia para que o Acutilante nos chama a atenção e de que se reproduz esta passagem:

«Nevertheless, there is no longer any doubt that Turkey has run into serious difficulties as far as the development of its civil society is concerned. The murder of the Turkish Protestants exposes a deep-seated problem: Turkey is at a standstill - or even regressing - when it comes to key issues like tolerance and pluralism. "In Germany, Turks residing there have opened up more than 3,000 mosques. If in our country we cannot abide even by a few churches, or a handful of missionaries, where is our civilization?" wrote Ertugrul Özkök, editor-in-chief of leading secular Turkish daily Hürriyet, in a hard-hitting editorial on the murders. "Where is our humanity, our freedom of belief, our beautiful religion?" he asks.»

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