Vi esta notícia . É muito chocante. Vergonha para extremistas e insurrectos e para as autoridades americanas e iraquianas que os deixam andar.

Kamar Anuar, a 44-year-old Christian, has abandoned his home after he found a threatening letter in his garden, signed by an alleged Islamist group, telling him to convert to Islam or leave the country. Anuar, a resident of Dora district, one of the mainly Christian Baghdad neighbourhoods, has decided to take refuge in a relative's home in Kurdistan in the north. "We [Christians] are at the end of our tether because in four years of [US] occupation and discrimination against our religion, we have never felt so threatened," said Anuar. "In my neighbourhood, every Christian family has received threatening letters." Anuar is one of thousands of people from minority groups who live in fear of their lives. "I saw a family being killed in front of me because they refused to leave their home. Insurgents shot dead the couple, an elderly woman and two children, and left a message by their side saying that it [the killing] was just to show what would happen if any other [Christian] family insisted on remaining in Dora district, which is already populated by Sunni fighters" Anuar added.

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