Daniel Barenboim: The key to the future rests in Gaza

Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim: The key to the future rests in Gaza - Haaretz Daily Newspaper Israel News

Uma entrevista dada ao Haaretz, após um concerto singular que dirigiu em Gaza, que vale bem a pena ler.

Aqui ficam estas frases que me impressionaram:

"I think that the key to the future rests in Gaza, and not only in Ramallah. "

"The quality of life there is very, very low. Not only with regard to culture, but to life in general. I was very impressed, as I said, that they have there 12 universities, and such a high proportion of young people; people there want to learn, and they have the ability via the Internet to receive all the information that they want, and I’m addressing culture now. They have educated people and they also have other people who lack information and education."

"This is a human problem; it’s not a dispute between two states; we have here a dispute between two peoples which believe that they have a right to live on the same small piece of land."

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