Os Cristãos e o Ramadão

"How should the followers of Christ respond to Ramadan and to the socio-religious activities of Muslims in this month? From a Muslim’s point of view, Ramadan is the time of spiritual revival. It is the Islamic spiritual awakening in which a Muslim seeks to pursue purity of mind and heart in words and action. In Ramadan, faithful Muslims fast from sunset to sundown, read the whole Quran, and help the poor as well as needy. They turn away from immoralities, from the vices of the tongue, and evil thoughts. These things are indeed good and, as Christians, we should value all the good deeds that Muslims do. We should further be provoked to affirm our commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ concerning fasting (Matt 6: 16 – 18), alms giving (Matt 6: 1 – 4), and prayer (Matt 6: 5 – 15). Perhaps, God placed Muslims amongst us to remind us of the sermon of the mount that taught us about fasting, alms giving, and prayer."

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